10 Quotes from Meditation: The Christian on the Mount by Thomas Watson

Posted by: Chance Faulkner

Meditation is one of the lost spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. While the world is exploring various forms of spirituality, believers are called upon to grow in their spiritual knowledge of Scripture, dive deep into the divine doctrines of God, and grow in Christ through the practice of meditation.

Thomas Watson defined meditation as “the soul’s retiring of itself, that by serious and solemn thinking upon God, the heart is raised up to heavenly affections.” Meditation was a duty practiced daily in the life of the Puritans and their forebearers. It was as natural as Bible reading, prayer, and even breathing. When practiced, meditation aids in our diligent pursuit of the means of grace, deepens our walk with Christ, stretches our understanding of Scripture, turns our hearts from temporal matters, and encourages more meaningful relationships with others.

Watson takes believers by the hand and leads them into the subjects, practices, and applications of biblical meditation.

Below are ten quotes from the recently published, Meditation: The Christian on the Mount by Thomas Watson, edited by Dustin Benge.

1. “Meditation is like the shining of the sun, it operates upon the affections, it warms the heart and makes it more holy. Meditation fetches life in a truth.”

2. “Grace produces delight in God, and delight breeds meditation.”

3. “The promises of God are flowers growing in the paradise of Scripture. Meditation, like the bee, sucks out the sweetness of them.”

4. “A heart full of grace is better than a head full of notions.”

 5. “Without meditation, the truths of God will not stay with us.”

6. “As a hammer drives a nail to the head, so meditation drives a truth to the heart.

7. “Without meditation, the Word preached may increase notion but not affection.”

8. “Satan is content that you should be hearing and praying Christians, just so long as you are not meditating Christians.”

9. “A gracious heart, like fire, turns all objects into fuel for meditation.”

10. “Meditation makes the heart like wet tinder—it will not take the devil’s fire!”

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