10 Quotes from Prayer: The Chief Exercise of Faith by John Calvin

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The student of John Calvin is aware of his extensive writing on the subject of prayer in his famous, The Institutes for the Christian Religion. Calvin understood prayer to be vital in the Christian life and viewed it as the “chief exercise of faith.” For centuries, with few exceptions, Calvin’s instruction on prayer has remained buried within the Institutes. Given that this work seems daunting for most, Calvin’s practical teaching on prayer has been extracted from his larger work and is now available to you in, Prayer: The Chief Exercise of Faith. Calvin never thought prayer was a vain exercise to a God unconcerned with the welfare of his people. He saw prayer as an intimate communion with the living God who cared enough about his own people that he sent his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the mediator between God and man. Use this little volume as a tool for yourself and others as you ascend to God in prayer without ceasing.

Below are ten quotes from the recently published, Prayer: The Chief Exercise Faith by John Calvin, edited by Dustin Benge.

1. We shall never want a reason for prayer, nor a ground of confidence, since the kingdom, power, and glory, can never be wrested from our Father.”

2. “The prayers of the church are never in vain because God always furnishes his people with materials for a song of joy.”

3. “Our prayers, which otherwise would be polluted are sanctified by the intercession of Christ.”

4. “Praises that do not flow from this sweetness of love will never please God.”

5. “The only prayer acceptable to God is that which springs from this presumption of faith and is founded on the full assurance of hope.”

6. “No heart will ever rise to genuine prayer that does not at the same time long for holiness.”

7. “God cannot be favorable to any but those whom he pardons.”

8. “Prayer digs up those treasures which the Gospel of our Lord discovers to the eye of faith.”

9. “As faith springs from the gospel, so by faith our hearts are framed to call upon the name of God.”

10. “Our most merciful Father will not reject those whom he not only encourages to come but urges in every possible way.”

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