Reintroducing Classics of Reformed Spirituality

Posted by: Editor


In 1999 when we first brought out this volume of the spirituality of Oliver Cromwell as the first volume in our series on Classics of Reformed Spirituality. The goal was to introduce evangelical Christians to some of the riches of their past.

In the course of producing volumes in this series, we eventually produced five: this one on Cromwell, one on George Whitfield, one and Andrew Fuller, one on Archibald Johnston—the Covenanter, and then one on Samuel Pearce.

The last one, on Pearce, appears in 2012 and so there’s been a significant hiatus about seven or eight years since the last volume in this series appeared. Joshua press is now under new ownership it’s now put an imprint of H&E publishing—something I’m thrilled about, and we want to reintroduce the series, possibly in a smaller form, but still with the same goal of introducing evangelical Christians to some of the riches of their evangelical past; riches of their tradition of” conversion, sanctification, union with Christ and so on.

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