These two term-long courses (January 15–April 23 & May 28–August 27) in theological Latin are designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of Latin grammar as it was used by Christian authors from the second to the seventeenth centuries. The course will provide the foundation for reading with confidence portions from the Latin New Testament and various authors who wrote in Latin from Tertullian to John Owen (1616–1683). Derek Cooper, Basics of Latin: A Grammar with Readings and Exercises from the Christian Tradition (Zondervan, 2020) will be the textbook.

Audience: students needing Latin for PhD programs and students who have taken Latin in a classical educational model and wish to pursue theological Latin. And simply others who wish to do such courses for personal interest. 

In addition to the textbook by Derek Cooper, students will need Leo F. Stelten, Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin (Hendrickson, 1995) and Novum Testamentum Latine, ed., Kurt and Barbara Aland (2nd ed.; Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1992).

Cost for both courses: 900 CAD (700 USD)—with a maximum of twelve students.