On April 25 Michael Haykin will be giving four messages on the Puritans as an online conference. Will you join us?

Tickets are $10.00 per household.

Schedule & Messages (Eastern Daylight Time)

Schedule and Sessions

1:00–1:40 pm Puritanism: an overview

1:40–2:00 pm Q&A


2:30–3:10 pm John Owen, a Puritan pastor-theologian

3:10–3:30 pm Q&A 

4:00–6:00 pm Break for Dinner

6:00–6:40 pm Richard & Margaret Baxter, a Puritan marriage

6:40–7:00 pm Q&A


7:30–8:10 pm Brilliana Harley, a Puritan mother

8:10–8:30 pm Q&A

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