Baptism: Three Aspects-Archaeological, Historical, Biblical


Baptism: Three Aspects-Archaeological, Historical, Biblical

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By F. M. Buhler | Foreword by Michael A.G. Haykin

In the modern English-speaking world, it was the Baptists who were the first to rediscover the biblical position on baptism, namely, that the Scriptures sanction the baptism of believers only. Since the emergence of the Baptist testimony in the British Isles in the seventeenth century, Baptists have written much on this important subject. What gives this work by Professor Buhler a somewhat unique quality is his deep knowledge of the archaeology of early baptisteries that has been gained on the field in archaeological digs. As he amply shows, the historical development of these baptisteries-from larger pools that could accommodate the immersion of baptismal candidates to much smaller fonts-reveals a movement away from the biblical understanding of baptism. 

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