“Bespangled with divine grace”: The spirituality of John Gill


“Bespangled with divine grace”: The spirituality of John Gill

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By John Gill | Edited by Michael A.G. Haykin & Phil Cotnoir

The name of John Gill has been so signally linked to the term “Hyper-Calvinism” that many have avoided reading this remarkable giant of the Christian Faith for fear of picking up the taint of theological error. What a mistake! Gill’s works, one of the most voluminous bodies of theological literature in the long eighteenth century, contain riches for every Christian believer. This small selection of literary gems, illustrative of his spirituality, are but a small sampling of the value of his works and, hopefully, an encouragement to read more from his pen.


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“The great & good Dr Gill”: an introduction to his life and spirituality by Michael A.G. Haykin


  1. The satisfaction of Christ
  2. The resurrection of the body
  3. Applying unto God for mercy
  4. The blessedness of those who have imputed righteousness
  5. The Gospel
  6. Sanctification
  7. Of communion with God
  8. Of the publicministry of the Word
  9. Christ on the cross
  10. The Church as the “rose of Sharon”
  11. The Church as the lily of the valley
  12. Christ in the lily of the valley
  13. The first and chief commandment
  14. Bless the Lord, O my soul
  15. Blessed are the merciful
  16. Seeing the beauty of God
  17. How angels serve believers
  18. The Trinity transforms our worship, prayer, and unity
  19. Distinctions in the Trinity
  20. The Trinity is essential
  21. Grace and truth in Christ
  22. Longing to know Christ more
  23. The presence of God
  24. How God’s presence is lost and how it is found
  25. The end of all things
  26.  What is prayer?
  27. Some instructions on prayer
  28. Further directions on prayer
  29. Encouragements to prayer
  30. Christ the Saviour from the tempest
  31. On faith, hope, and love
  32. Christ is life
  33. A principle of grace in the heart
  34. Dying thoughts
  35. Last words

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