Desiring a Better Country

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Contributors: Kevin N. Flatt, Michael A.G. Haykin, Glendon G. Thompson, Kirk Wellum, Stephen J. Wellum. 

Where are we going as a Canadian people? Given Augustine’s dictum that nations are ruled by what they love and desire, what is it that will shape the hearts and minds of Canadians in the days to come? Ever since the 1960s Canadian historians have downplayed the vital role that Christianity played in the lives of many men and women who built this nation before and after Confederation. But, as argued by the five essays in this book—which range over Canadian church history, theology and the Bible—despite the various demographic changes that have taken place in Canada such that Christianity no longer has a privileged hegemony, the Christian Faith still has a key contribution to make in both the public square and private sector of Canadian life. Read and reflect—and pray!


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