Losing Your Luggage: Finding Freedom from Sinful Baggage


Losing Your Luggage: Finding Freedom from Sinful Baggage

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by Rick Reed

Losing Your Luggage takes you on a journey through Romans 6-8, helping you find freedom from the sinful baggage that weighs you down. Your guide for this trip is Rick Reed, who brings out practical, down-to-earth wisdom from Paul’s letter as he walks alongside you on this journey. He is one who speaks from experience and is a helpful guide to show you the main sights and lessons of these important chapters. Journey toward greater joy and freedom in Christ-and lose some sinful baggage along the route!

Introduction | Your journey toward freedom starts here!

  1. Dying for freedom | Romans 6:1–10
  2. Living your new identity | Romans 6:11–14
  3. What freedom looks like | Romans 6:15–23
  4. Why losing your luggage is so hard | Romans 7:1–25
  5. No condemnation? No kidding! | Romans 8:1–4
  6. Minding your mind | Romans 8:5–8
  7. Physical spirituality | Romans 8:9–17
  8. Groaning toward glory | Romans 8:15–27
  9. Up to something good! | Romans 8:28–30
  10. What you can never lose! | Romans 8:31–39

    Conclusion | Joy in the journey 85 Appendix 1 | Your personal “Baggage Check”

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