Meekness and Majesty


Meekness and Majesty

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by S.D. Ellison | foreword by Matt Schmucker

Do you want to embrace your God-given meekness and majesty?

In our time meekness is a glaringly absent characteristic in Christian communities. This is scandalous given that Jesus himself both commanded and exhibited meekness. It is truly remarkable that a defining grace such as meekness is roundly ignored by so many Christians. Too often we prefer the assertive and bold. It should not be so.

This book challenges contemporary Christianity by introducing readers to Messianic meekness. Jesus’ teaching in the third Beatitude-“Blessed are the meek”-is not a throwaway line in the introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, but a powerful distillation of Old Testament theology.

In a world marred with suffering, often because of a lack of meekness, this book offers comfort and confidence found in the promise that the meek inherit the earth. Indeed, it reminds us that the meek will one day rule and reign with the risen Jesus. Meekness leads to majesty, pick up this book to find out how.

Foreword by Matt Schmucker

Introduction: Taking Issue with Jesus


Part One: Learning Messianic Meekness

1. A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Constant Correction

2. A Familiar Sermon, a High Calling

3. The Meek Messiah


Part Two: Adopting the Messiah’s Mindset

4. Multiple Injustices: The Christian’s Constant Companion

5. Two Destinies

6. One Judge


Part Three: Sharing Messianic Majesty

7. Eternal Inheritance

8. Royal Heirs

Conclusion: Paradoxical Promises



Scripture Index

“The longstanding assumption that meekness means Chris- tians are to be quiet and weak has detrimentally affected our churches, our relationships, and, even, our public engagement. In this in-depth and faithful exposition of the third beatitude, Davy Ellison challenges that false assumption. Instead, based on Jesus’ life, ministry, teaching, and example, Ellison calls us to live in true meekness. Grounded in who we are in Jesus, empowered by his Spirit, and with his mindset of humility, we are to act with inner strength for the good of others and the glory of God. If you want to be encouraged by faithful exposition that makes helpful application, you will want to read Meekness and Majesty.”

Juan Sanchez
Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church;
Author of The Leadership Formula


“In a world where people either tend to be squishy and weak or shrill and mean, and where many erroneously believe ‘the powerful will inherit the earth,’ Davy Ellison delivers a needed book on meekness. Through engaging illustrations, explanations, and arguments, he helps combat the misconception that meekness is weakness. This book will encourage you to walk on the Calvary Road in the footsteps of the meek and lowly Naza- Rene knowing we too who walk in meekness will one day ‘inherit the earth.’”

Nate Akin
Executive Director, The Pillar Network;
Director, Baptist 21


“Meekness is perhaps the least talked about, but most needed virtue in our Christian culture today. In an age of celebrity pastors and leaders, Davy Ellison gives a fresh and encouraging look at the type of people Christ calls us to be. This book will challenge and convict, and point you to the upside down kingdom Christ brings.”

Courtney Reissig
Author, Teach Me To Feel: Worshipping Through the Psalms in Every Season of Life


“Let me start where Davy Ellison ends, ‘The paradoxical promise remains: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt.5:5).’ The paradoxical promise—what a great expression to summarise the theme of this very readable and accessible, but thought provoking and somewhat hard-hitting book. And how relevant the subject. Meekness is very much out of vogue, whether it be in the offices of corporate business, the hallways of political power or the arenas of professional sport. And sadly, it is out of vogue even within the triumphalistic, ego-centred, self-absorbed lives of many in the Christian church. How few within the church, dare I say, especially amongst leaders in the church, how few are truly meek. And, possibly more soberly, how few even desire to be meek. I hope that through this book many would be willing to play the waiting game of meekness, in the expectation that the paradoxical promise is indeed true.”

John Bell
Pastor, Covenanters Christian Church,
Harare, Zimbabwe

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