(Ebook) Nearer Heaven: 31 daily devotionals for the deepening of spiritual life


(Ebook) Nearer Heaven: 31 daily devotionals for the deepening of spiritual life

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By John Baird | Edited by Paul Martin

This is not a book on prayer, but it will help teach you to pray. It is not a book on how to read the Bible, but it will teach you to read the Bible. It is not a cure-all for your spiritual woes, but will serve as a booster shot to your delight in God.

It is one thing to create space in our life for a daily “quiet time” or personal devotions, but it is altogether a different thing to learn how to find your soul’s happiness in the triune God. John Baird wrote this helpful book to help you do just that.

With 31 short readings (or are they prayers, or devotionals, or thoughts?) you will find your soul directed to God in deeply personal and profound ways. They can be read quickly as thoughts to begin the day, or pondered slowly as roadsigns to direct you on the path to fellowship with the Trinity. Whether your relationship with God needs a significant reboot or just another useful tool to help you press on, you have found yourself a wonderful help in this little book.

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“There are a lot of things that compete for space in our minds as we begin our mornings or close our nights, much content that is trivial and moves our hearts away from Christ. But this little book of meditations, drawn from a faithful 19th century pastor, is an antidote for our angry age. Nearer Heaven is simple, yet profound, pulling us back toward the love and sacrifice of Christ, toward repentance and reflection, toward holiness and hope. I encourage you to add this resource to your daily quiet time.”

Daniel Darling, Senior VP at NRB and author of several books including, The Characters of Christmas, A Way With Words, and The Dignity Revolution.

“It’s my joy to recommend this little devotional. Give it a try and I think you’ll find it will prove a blessing to you over the next 31 days. Not only that, but you may well find it a resource you return to again and again.”

Tim Challies, blogger at Challies.com

“God is not half-hearted, even though we so often are. This is why Nearer Heaven is so important. With each stirring and convicting daily reflection, John Baird provides a pattern for devotional thinking, helping us reflect wholeheartedly on the person of Jesus Christ and doctrinal truths about him and ourselves. Each short entry is packed with honest and biblical insights that re-orient our hearts and minds to find rest and joy in Christ alone. Baird writes with poetic passion, crafting thirty-one devotions that often read like New Testament psalms and proverbs. Readers will be able to revisit this practical and inspiring resource again and again. As we do, the book will shape our prayers, call us to repentance, and urge us to bask in the presence of our gracious God. Indeed, Nearer Heaven is true to its name, for that is where it leads us.”

Jeremy W. Johnston, columnist, poet, and author of All Things New: Essays on Christianity, culture & the arts and Undiminished Returns: Poems of a Christian Life.

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