(Ebook) Prayer: The Chief Exercise of Faith

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By John Calvin | Edited by Dustin W. Benge

The student of John Calvin is aware of his extensive writing on the subject of prayer in his famous, The Institutes for the Christian Religion. Calvin understood prayer to be vital in the Christian life and viewed it as the “chief exercise of faith.” For centuries, with few exceptions, Calvin’s instruction on prayer has remained buried within the Institutes. Given that this work seems daunting for most, Calvin’s practical teaching on prayer has been extracted from his larger work and is now available to you in, Prayer: The Chief Exercise of Faith. Calvin never thought prayer was a vain exercise to a God unconcerned with the welfare of his people. He saw prayer as an intimate communion with the living God who cared enough about his own people that he sent his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the mediator between God and man. Use this little volume as a tool for yourself and others as you ascend to God in prayer without ceasing.
“One of the best treatments of prayer I’ve ever read comes from the pen of John Calvin, the French Reformation theologian, in his Institutes. I always used to make my students read his chapter on prayer before they read anything else so that they could become acquainted with Calvin the spiritual giant, the man who had such a passion for the heart of God.” R.C. Sproul (Now, That’s a Good Question)
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