Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus: A reader on Andrew Fuller


Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus: A reader on Andrew Fuller

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By David E. Prince | Foreword by Michael A.G. Haykin

“Every Divine truth bears a relation to him: hence the doctrine of the gospel is called ‘the truth as it is in Jesus,'” according to Andrew Fuller. Biblical history is the story of the truth as it is in Jesus. Fuller never lost sight of this foundational truth. His pastoral commitment to pursue the truth as it is in Jesus transformed every aspect of Fuller’s thinking, including his understanding of the task of preaching, sermon preparation, and the preparation of the preacher himself. He believed in the primacy of faithful, Christ-centered expository preaching. Of preaching, he wrote, “Oh how important! We preach for eternity!” These pages call the reader alongside Andrew Fuller as he teaches us through his writings and sermons to “Preach not only the truth, but all truth, ‘as it is in Jesus.'”

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“I’m delighted to see Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus in print. My delight is threefold. First, Andrew Fuller is one of the greatest but lesser-known Baptists of church history. He merits rediscovery. Second, because this book, as did Andrew Fuller, drips with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Third, this book is another helpful tool in interpreting and applying the text in light of Christ. Kudos to David Prince for assembling this fine work.”

Jason Allen, President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Andrew Fuller is a hero of mine. He is an example par excellence as a pastor, preacher, theologian, and mobilizer for missions. He and his writings are not as well known as other Christian leaders in his day for whatever reasons. David Prince has set out to correct this problem, and he has succeeded magnificently. Giving his primary attention to Fuller’s preaching, Prince explores the brilliance of the man who, as much as William Carey, helped launched the modern missions movement. This book is a treasure. I will consult it again and again with the prayer that I can finish my race like Andrew Fuller finished his.”

Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“‘The gospel is a feast, and you are to invite guests.’  Those words and so many others by Andrew Fuller have been beautifully brought to our minds and hearts in this marvelous book by David Prince.  More than any other man, God used Andrew Fuller as the theological engine for the modern missionary movement.  And while many have heard of the father of modern missions, William Carey, comparatively few have heard of his dear friend and the Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, Andrew Fuller.  Through this book, Dr. Prince has brought Fuller to life, and through him, we will likewise be challenged to look to Christ and love him earnestly.  You will love this book and Andrew Fuller, and you will tell the old, old story all the more.  Read and share this book widely!”

Greg Belser, Pastor, Morrison Heights Baptist Church

“There has never been a more critical time for pastors to faithfully and boldly preach Christ from the Scriptures than today. This is why Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus is a vital resource for pastors. David Prince is both a model of Christ-centered preaching and a lifelong student of the treasures in Andrew Fuller’s ministry. This book mines the riches of Fuller’s work and offers the choicest resources on the pastoral calling for a new generation. Pastors, don’t hesitate to add this book to your library. It will not only make a difference in your preaching; it will minister to your soul.”

Daniel Darling, Director, Land Center for Cultural Engagement and Assistant Professor of Faith and Culture at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; bestselling author of several books, including, The Characters of Christmas, A Way With Words, and The Dignity Revolution

“Those of us with an appetite for a return to Christ-centered preaching and theology-driven mission have been ably and amply supplied by David Prince’s Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus. Prince—who like Fuller is best described as a pastor-theologian—has given us a carefully curated collection from the treasure trove of Andrew Fuller’s writings along with introductory essays written with keen pastoral insight. Those who love ‘the truth as it is in Jesus’ and long to preach more faithfully and fruitfully will benefit immensely from reading this helpful volume.”

Barry King, Pastor, Dunstable Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, England, Leader of Grace Baptist Partnership

Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus by David Prince opens up a world of fascination and edification I know almost nothing about but am glad to encounter. How privileged all of us are that the treasures of Andrew Fuller’s ministry are here available to us pastors today. We can be strengthened by this faithful testimony from ‘the great cloud of witnesses’ as we run the race in our generation.”

Ray Ortlund, Renewal Ministries, Nashville

“David Prince is a trusted voice in the area of Christ-centered preaching. I have personally benefited from his homiletical thought for a number of years now, and his preaching has edified me on several occasions. So I am thrilled to see Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus in print. We don’t have enough good material on Fuller on Christ-centered preaching, and so David has given us a double blessing! I plan on adding this book to my current reading list in Christ-centered preaching, and I would encourage other students, professors, and pastors to take up and read, as well!”

Tony Merid, Pastor, Imago Dei Church, Director for Theological Training for Acts 29, Dean and Professor of Pastoral Theology at Grimké Seminary, Author, The Christ-Centered Expositor

“Andrew Fuller was a supremely gifted theologian with much to teach us today. As David Prince ably shows, this is because Fuller was not only a first-rate thinker but also a ‘sober minded working pastor.’ So his work always has a practical thrust. Prince’s book is especially noteworthy because it concentrates on the wonderful theme of preaching Christ. Fuller always focused on the Lord Jesus and he helps us to do the same. This book is highly recommended. Pastors and others who preach and teach will benefit from these pages, as will all who simply want to grow in love for Christ and share him more effectively.”

Peter J. Morden, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, leeds, England, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Spurgeon’s College, London; Author, The Life and Thought of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

“David Prince has given the modern day preacher an invaluable gift! Preaching the truth as it is in Jesus is part biography, part history, and ALL inspiring! My soul has benefitted by hearing from Andrew Fuller and I pray my preaching might benefit as well. This living historical handbook is a genuine gift to every preacher that loves the hard work of preparing and delivering sermons to the Lord’s Church.

Clint Pressley, Pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

“I am thankful to Dr. Prince for introducing me to the life of Andrew Fuller. The work of pastoral ministry can be a lonely work for any man who is not seeking a platform but wants to be faithful in shepherding God’s people. If you need motivation to grow deeper in your knowledge of Christ, to soar to new heights in your worship of Christ, and to preach Christ more passionately, then you must read this book.”

Victor Sholar, Pastor, Main Street Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

“I am thankful to our Lord for the work of David Prince in bringing the expository preaching ministry of Andrew Fuller back to bear on our generation. This book has been a challenge and an affirmation to me in my own ministry of expository preaching. As iron sharpens iron, so Andrew Fuller has sharpened me in this reader. Especially encouraging to me was “The Nature of the Gospel, and the Manner in Which it Ought to be Preached.” Every God-called preacher will be encouraged on to faithful heralding of the Word in this chapter! What a joy and an honor it is to me to be able to recommend this book to you. May it help you preach the truth as it is in Jesus (Eph.4:21).”

Jono Sims, Pastor, Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church

“In a church-world with too many truncated preachers, in truncated pulpits, pastoring and producing truncated Christians, David Prince has served the Church well by giving us a resource commending a Baptist pastor who had a full, not truncated, Christ-honoring spirituality—Andrew Fuller. Pastors and members of Christian congregations will be edified by this primary source (Fuller) and secondary source (Prince)—both working pastors.”

Kevin Smith, Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

“It is sometimes asserted that the Baptist movement, while it has produced great preachers, great missionaries, and great activists, has produced no great theologians. Those who would make such a claim have obviously never read Andrew Fuller, the eighteenth-century British pastor and theologian. In this reader, David Prince has carefully curated some of Fuller’s most penetrating writings, not only on the topic of preaching, but also on a range of theological and practical issues. Prince’s admiration for Fuller is contagious. His extended introductions to each chapter offer the reader a reliable guide into the riches of Fuller’s thought. Those who take up and read this book may well find themselves enraptured by the same vision of Christ that drove Fuller’s entire life and career: ‘I love his name, and wish to make it the centre in which all the lines of my ministry should meet!’”

Lucas Stamps, Associate Professor of Theology, Anderson University


ISBN: 978-1-77484-034-4

Pages: 269

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