Public Worship Considered and Enforced


Public Worship Considered and Enforced


By Joseph KinghornEdited and Introduced by Baiyu Andrew SongForeword by Matthew Boswell

Why do we gather together on Sundays to worship God? Two hundred years ago, Christians asked a similar question. In his work entitled Public Worship Considered and Enforced, Joseph Kinghorn unpacks the meaning and significance of public worship. Through a biblical analysis of what it means to be a Christian in Christ’s Church, Kinghorn highlights not just the blessing of meeting with the people of God but the necessity of public worship in the walk of faith. In an age of increasing isolation and a lone-wolf approach to the Christian life, Kinghorn’s applications for readers to consider and practice in their own Christian walk are just as relevant to the twenty-first century reader as they were to saints two hundred years prior. Public Worship Considered and Enforced exhorts us again to the profound means of grace given to Christians to experience and participate in the worship we were born to do.

Joseph Kinghorn (1766–1832) was a turning-point figure in English Calvinistic Baptist history. Since his call in 1789, Kinghorn devoted his life to the people at St. Mary’s Baptist Chapel in Norwich. For more than four decades, Kinghorn witnessed for the risen King through his words and life.

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