(Ebook) R. C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed Faith


(Ebook) R. C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed Faith


By Nate Pickowicz | Foreword by John MacArthur

R.C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed Faith traces the five decades of R.C.’s public ministry, observing a thematic connection to the five solas of the Reformation. While much has already been written, with much more to come, this book takes a unique look at R.C. Sproul as doctrinal defender. In a cultural climate where doctrinal disagreements can easily descend into personal attacks and division, R.C. models the utmost care for doctrinal precision without sacrificing the love and grace needed to be kind to those with whom we disagree. Even after his passing, R.C. still has much to teach us about what it means to contend earnestly for the faith.

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