Seeing the Savior: A Devotional Introduction to Biblical Theology

Seeing the Savior: A Devotional Introduction to Biblical Theology


By J. Aaron White | Imprint: Christ-Centered & Clear

Seeing the Savior offers you a Christ-centered overview of Scripture that is comprised of three elements:

1. It is Devotional-The chapters are short, accessible, and conclude with application questions and a memory verse (Ponder and Apply). Seeing the Savior can be used for personal devotion, family worship, or small group study.

2. It is an Introduction-It is not exhaustive and does not touch on every book of the Bible. Teens and new Christians should be able to read and enjoy it. However, its contents are substantive enough to engage and challenge pastors and church leaders as well.

3. It is Biblical Theology-Brilliant men through the centuries have offered their attempts to define biblical theology, each with differing degrees of success. For the purposes of this small book, biblical theology refers to the unified storyline of Scripture, Old and New Testaments, as it all points to the Person and work of the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

From Genesis to Revelation, the witness of Scripture testifies to the grace of God that would be made known in his Son. May you plunge to greater depths of joy as you dive into all of God’s Word.

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