(Ebook) Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth: Remembering the Mayflower Pilgrims, 1620–2020

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Edited by Michael A.G. Haykin, John Clements, and Roy M. Paul

As in other histories, the history of Christianity has certain key turning-points after which the flow of historical events is profoundly transformed. Some of these moments of transition—well expressed by the Greek term kairos—are immediately pellucid to the student of church history: the Constantinian Revolution, the rise of the heresy of Islam, the Reformation, the Great Awakening. While not as immediately obvious as these turning-points, the sailing for America in 1620 of those whom historians have called the Pilgrims needs to be reckoned as a key event in the story of both the American nation and American Christianity. To be sure, there are some today who dispute its central role in the founding of America, yet generations of historians have accorded it a key place in that story, and it is in line with this older interpretation that this book of essays has been written. The various essays in this anniversary volume remember the manifold details of this historic voyage in an attempt to inform and even inspire the modern Christian as he or she seeks to be a faithful pilgrim to that heavenly country that was ever in the mind of the men and women whom these essays recall.


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Introduction – John Clements

1.    Life of John Robinson – Jonathan Piece

2.    Robinson Country – Adrian Grey

3.    William Bridge – Michael Haykin

4.    Pilgrims in Holland – Tom Nettles

5.    1620 Voyage – Francis Bremer

6.    The Norwich Separatists – Gary Brady

7.    William Brewster – Andrew Ballitch

8.    Life in the early settlement – Roland Burrows

9.    Theological Significance of the Pilgrim Fathers for today – Richard Land

10.    Mayflower Compact – Jason Dees

11.    Relevance of Thanksgiving Day – David Roach

12.    Encounter with the Indians – Roy Paul

13.    The Pilgrim Mothers – Priscilla Wong

14.    Question of Religious Liberty – Ryan Rindels

15.    Spirituality of thee Pilgrim Fathers – Nate Pickowicz 

16.     Essay by Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones

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