(EBook) The Pure Flame of Devotion: The History of Christian Spirituality (essays in honour of Michael A.G. Haykin)


(EBook) The Pure Flame of Devotion: The History of Christian Spirituality (essays in honour of Michael A.G. Haykin)

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Edited by G. Stephen Weaver Jr. and Ian Hugh Clary

This volume is meant to ignite your interest and understanding of key time periods and pivotal people from various eras of church history. Instead of exploring the overall spiritual perspective of a person or period, only certain aspects of thought are dealt with. This is an approach to church history with an eye to issues of spirituality that emphasizes how today’s Christians can cull ancient sources for their spiritual enrichment and encouragement as they seek to live their lives under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Each of the exceptional contributors is knowledgeable in their particular subject area. Through extensive original research they skilfully expound the vitality and richness of the spirituality of their subjects. Introduced to these historical figures who walked closely with God, Christians will find rich application and benefit for their souls. May this book stir up many more men and women to pursue intimate communion and fellowship with God, turning from all that distracts and devoting heart and soul to loving God and living for his glory and the spread of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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Douglas Adams, Peter Beck, Joel R. Beeke, Nathan A. Finn, Keith Goad, Crawford Gribben, Francis X. Gumerlock, David S. Hogg, Erroll Hulse, Clint Humfrey, Sharon James, Mark Jones, Sean Michael Lucas, Tom J. Nettles, Dennis Ngien, Robert W. Oliver, Kenneth J. Stewart, Carl R. Trueman, Austin R. Walker, Donald S. Whitney, Malcolm B. Yarnell, Fred G. Zaspel.

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