Theology of Animals (Webinar)

Theology of Animals (Webinar)


Presented By Geoff Chang, Corneliu C. Simuţ and Anthony Neel

A perennial concern pertaining to the human condition in Christian theology is the material embodiment bestowed upon humanity at Creation. Consequently, this concern inevitably leads to considerations regarding other non-human creatures who share such materiality—animals. To this end, The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is excited to announce an upcoming Spring webinar that indexes the theological understanding of animal life in the writings of Augustine of Hippo, Andrew Fuller, and Charles Spurgeon. The survey of these consequential theologians will help bring to the fore reflections upon how Christians in history have thought about fellow creatures, and the relationship humans have with them.

Geoff Chang serves as Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology and the Curator of the Spurgeon Library. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (B.B.A.), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Most recently, he completed his Ph.D. at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he wrote his dissertation on Charles H. Spurgeon’s ecclesiology. He also serves the Book Review Editor for History & Historical Theology at Themelios, the academic journal for The Gospel Coalition. Currently, he is working on finishing the publication of The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon in conjunction with B&H Academic, serving as the editor of volumes 5 and 6.

Corneliu C. Simuţ is Research Associate at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and Professor of Historical Theology at Emanuel University, Oradea, Romania. He has obtained his Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Theology from the University of Bucharest, his PhD in Church History from King’s College, University of Aberdeen, his ThD in Dogmatic Theology from the University of Tilburg, and his Doctor of Divinity in Systematic Theology from the University of Pretoria. South Africa. His education includes a Habilitation in Religious Studies from the Reformed Theological University of Debrecen, a postdoctoral research fellowship and a senior vice-chancellor postdoctoral research fellowship in theology and religion, both at the University of Pretoria. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA, and supervises doctorates at Union School of Theology, England.

Anthony Neel is currently a PhD Candidate in Church History (Patristics) at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has received his AA in Russian Language from The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California, his BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Boyce College, and his MDiv at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He currently serves as the Assistant Director at the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies and a book review editor at the Journal of Andrew Fuller Studies.

  • Augustine’s Theological Perspective on Animals
  • Animals in the 18th Centre & Andrew Fuller
  • A Symbol of the Invisible: Spurgeon and the Animal Kingdom