This Poor Man Called: Stories and Songs of David (Volume 2)


This Poor Man Called: Stories and Songs of David (Volume 2)

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By David G. Barker

David Barker takes a unique approach in this exploration of the psalms of David. Each chapter begins with a creative retelling of the biblical narrative, setting the scene for the psalm arising out of that experience. Having grounded the psalm in the “story,” Barker then goes into a verse-by-verse exposition of the psalm, and provides some explanatory notes and a statement of the key message of the psalm.

At the end of each psalm exposition, Barker asks three basic questions: What do we learn about God? What do we learn about ourselves as the people of God? and What do we learn about the world? Answering these questions helps us to understand how David’s experience shaped his theocentric and biblical worldview. David’s theology of God is of One who is sovereign in every situation and reigns as King. All of life is lived in the presence of God, and life and the act of worship, are an interactive dynamic of despair and hope, failure and success, sin and forgiveness (with consequences). David faced all of these, and his psalms reveal how his understanding of God grew and was enriched through these experiences.

It is hoped this practical look at David’s psalms will deepen your understanding of God and the transforming work accomplished on the cross by his Son, Jesus Christ.


Heritage Seminary Press


Dave Barker has a unique, engaging way of applying the rich theology of the Psalms to the harsh realities of life. His course
on the Psalms has been a favourite of students at Heritage Theological Seminary for years. In This Poor Man Called
you will discover why.

Rick Reed

President, Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, ON

Busy teaching pastors are forever on the lookout for practical tools that will assist in the weekly task of sermon preparation. The two volumes of This Poor Man Called represent a fresh approach to both the Psalms and the narratives that form the background of these songs of King David. This format provides a powerful and profound look at the Scriptures in their full context. The opening narratives, careful exegesis and helpful application sections all contribute to making this a valued resource for any preacher, teacher or student of the Word. No doubt, this material will find its way into many pulpits and thus impact the lives of all who will hear God’s Word preached from these passages. And it will do so because these volumes are far more than mere academic material. The content flows from the life of a man I have known for almost four decades, who always presented his lectures with unfailing conviction and who has now provided us with this impassioned work. David Barker is no mere professor or author, but is himself, “a man after God’s own heart.”

Todd Dugard

Lead Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Barrie, ON

For those unable to personally sit under the teaching of Dr. David Barker, this second volume of This Poor Man Called is the next best thing, as its contents feature Dave’s rich, insightful thoughts on the Word in writing.

Tim Roddick

Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke, ON

This is both a practical and a powerful little book. Dave Barker brings stories from the Bible into dynamic interaction with what it is to be human: they function both as a medium for meaning and as a way of being. Each chapter operates as a stand-alone study, and yet together they show us the warp and woof of God’s work in our lives. Erudite and yet engagingly readable, Barker sets story back in its rightful place within the centre of spirituality, and in doing so, gives God’s people a new song.

Carolyn Weber

Professor at New College, Franklin, Tenessee, USA, and award-winning author of Surprised by Oxford

Over the last two decades I’ve had the privilege to call David Barker my pastor, professor, mentor and friend. His passion for the Lord, his Word and specifically the Psalms has left an indelible mark on my soul and my ministry. I am overjoyed to see that many others will be similarly impacted through these volumes. With exegetical precision, storytelling creativity and pastoral care, Barker brings the Psalms to life in a fresh way that stirs the heart, strengthens the mind and—most importantly—exalts Christ, our glorious King!

Allan Self

Lead Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Strathroy, ON

Having known Dave Barker as a very close friend now for over three decades and having heard him speak on many occasions on his beloved Psalms, I am thrilled to see this two-volume work reaching many who have not had either the privilege of his friendship or that of hearing him. His love for Scripture, his careful exegesis of the Old Testament and his passion for God and his truth—key hallmarks of Dave’s life—are abundantly evident here. May God use these pages powerfully for the glory of his Name and the good of his people.

Michael Azad A.G. Haykin

Professor of Church History, Heritage Theological Seminary, Cambridge, ON
& Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,
Louisville, KY

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