Thoughts for Young Men

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By J. C. Ryle | Edited by Bennett Rogers

Thoughts for Young Men was originally published in 1888 as a chapter in The Upper Room, and it has become a minor spiritual classic in its own right. It has few equals among the all-too-short list of solid Christian books for young men. Ryle’s insights were derived from more than four decades of pastoral experience, three decades of parenting, and his own experiences as a young man. Ryle always had a heart for young men. He regularly addressed groups like the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and the Church of England’s Young Men’s Society. By all accounts J.C. Ryle was a “man’s man,” and his Thoughts for Young Men have proven to be both valuable and timeless.

This new edition is designed for devotional reading, small group studies, and one-to-one discipleship. The text has been divided into short readings based on Ryle’s own subheadings and lightly edited to make it more accessible to modern readers. It also includes:

·   Scripture quotations and memory verses from the ESV

·   Information boxes and chapter summaries

·   Reflection questions and suggestions for further reading

·   A discussion guide for group leaders

We’ve also included Daniel the Prophet, a biographical lecture Ryle delivered to a group of young men at the Liverpool YMCA in 1889, which hasn’t been published since that time. This work summarizes and illustrates many of the main points Ryle makes in Thoughts for Young Men.

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