U-Turn in the Fast Lane


U-Turn in the Fast Lane

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 By Rebecca Dye Heron

One man’s journey back to God Don Heron knew about God as a child, but now he is trying to drive everything he’s learned from his mind. He doesn’t need God or the crutch of religion. He is going to make it on his own. From a career in industrial espionage to the rush of a life of crime, Don’s every move seems to widen the distance between himself and God. When the swirl of auto theft, easy money, drinking and strip bars comes to an abrupt halt with his arrest, Don begins to face the hole he is in and look for the hope he will need to recover his misspent life. In doing this, he comes to truly know the power of God’s forgiveness and the joy of a changed life. Don’s life in the fast lane is transformed by a radical U-turn in his thinking. But Don must still face his past…a criminal trial, followed by a sentence at Montreal’s notorious Bordeaux Prison. And here life is so intense, every day seems to equal a month on the outside. This is Don’s story… “Don ran from a Christian home and upbringing into a life of crime and the darkness of Bordeaux Prison and discovered God, still with him. This is the story of that powerful discovery.”

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