What is theology?


What is theology?

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By John Gill

Why does theology matter? Where does the word theology come from? What makes Christian theology different from other kinds of spirituality? Questions like these are answered with clarity in this short and simple modernization of John Gill’s introduction to theology.

Every step of the way through this volume, the reader will find great truths in simple words. As each chapter builds upon another, the gospel shines forth as the light for understanding all of Scripture, doctrine, philosophy, and history revealing the importance of theology for the Christian. Included in this volume are discussion questions to let the reader consider each topic in greater depth. John Gill’s What is theology? is perfect for new and mature Christians asking questions about why doctrine matters. Likewise, churches, small groups, and students will find this a quick and edifying volume full of Christ-exalting answers.

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“This republication of John Gill’s eighteenth-century work represents a timely and most welcome reminder that questions about the proper role of creedal statements, the relationship between biblical exegesis and systematic theology, and the degree of continuity between evangelicalism and the past are perennial, important, and worthy of our careful attention.”

Matthew C. Bingham, Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Church History, Oak Hill College

“I know of few people in the history of the church better qualified to speak to the issue ‘what is theology?’ than John Gill, the 18th century English Baptist theologian. Having written a commentary on every book of the Bible, and having engaged every relevant theological issue of the 18th century in polemical tracts, and having worked through a massive number of the early church fathers in discussing the doctrines of grace in church history, he made the writing of a systematic theology one of the last things that he did. He was well prepared exegetically, historically, and polemically to engage the issue. This introductory volume to a series of the works of Gill is important for every person who values the revelation that God has given us in holy scripture.”

 Tom J. Nettles, Senior Professor of Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“John Gill stood like a seawall against the flood of false doctrine eroding the foundations of the church in the eighteenth century. He fought for the truth because, like Athanasius, he knew that the practical Christian life grew out ‘evangelical doctrine, spiritually understood, affectionately embraced, and powerfully and feelingly experienced.’ This book, Gill’s introduction to his massive Body of Divinity, lays down basic principles for deriving theology from the Bible and traces the development of theology from Adam to our present day.”

Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Here we have a distillation of choice theological wisdom from one of the greatest pastor-theologians of all time. John Gill was a faithful minister of the same Baptist church for more than fifty years as well as a masterful theologian of the Great Tradition. In this attractive new edition, the great Gill speaks again to the Lord’s people in our own time.”

Timothy George, Distinguished Professor at Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; General Editor, Reformation Commentary on Scripture (29 vols.)

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